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Integrity Drives

Everything We Do

Renovation and restoration

We do renovation for residential homeowners and business owners, and restoration for insurance and real-estate industry professionals.

Renovation is an upgrade to the condition of a residential or commercial property. It is usually done because the owner chooses to do it.

Restoration happens after an accident, such as a flood or fire, to return the property to usable condition. It is usually done at the request of an insurance adjuster or a property management company.

We also do home inspections.

Properties we serve
  • Residential.

  • Commercial.

  • Strata.

  • Institutional.

Recent News

May 2020

TCG begins long-term servicing contract for strata property in downtown Vancouver.

May 2020

Short videos for:

- Insurers.

- Property managers.

- Office owners or managers.

- Restaurant and bar owners.

- Retail store owners.

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